Making a difference in the Gambia
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Support a Child To Give Them A Chance Of Education in 2019

For just £5 a month now is your chance to support one of our orphan/street/less fortunate children. For this £5 this pay for their education for a full year (ages 3-7). Also if you Gift Aid your donation (provided you are a UK tax payer) then every £10 we receive from you will increase to £12.50 thanks to HMRC refunding the tax you paid to us.
You can donate online either through The Big Give (the link is) or by just clicking the Donate Now button on our website for Everyclick or this link  Also you can donate through Paypal a single donation or a regular monthly donation at  
These little children cant help themselves unless we help them first. This will get them on the education ladder and as they grow up into young adults they will be educated and then their children will also be educated. This in turn will reduce HIV/Aids dramatically and reduce the problem of young children becoming street children and then having the chance of that child taken away into the sex trade. It will also greatly make a difference to the Gambia as a nation as a whole.

Just £5 a month can make such a


 Here are some of the children that really need your help in return for your continued donation you will be sent a picture of the child you support, together with quaterly updates of the childs progress and a letter or picture from the child to their sponsor. Once these have their sponsors then there will be more added. We have as at 10th June 2019 Twelve orphans/street children/less fortunate sponsored out of the 34. Therefore we need your help to sponsor the other 22. Please just something from your heart to give them a chance.  That’s less than 17p a day


Sponsored by Elaine Scammel – Rabiyetou Jammeh age 6 a less fortunate girl from Kotu Quarry.

Sponsored by Sarah Dunne – Aji Ceesay age 4 a less fortunate girl from Sinchu.

Sponsored by John Wallis – Sira Sanyang age 5 a less fortunate girl from Talinding.

Sponsored By Stephen Morrison

Fatou Choi Orphan Age 5

Sponsored by Derek Ward

Adama Sonko Orphan Age 5

Sponsored by Julie Critchley

Ida Marie Gomez Orphan Age 5

 Sponsored by Theresa Wilkinson

Sirreh Sanyang Orphan Age 4

Lamin Tawiber Orphan Age 4

Therese Mendy Orphan Age 5

 Sponsored by Julie Critchley

Mariama Marong Orphan Age 5

Haddy Sillah Orphan Age 5

Fatou NJie Orphan Age 5

Sponsored by John Wallis


1 Isatou Camara { 05.17.10 at 07:06 }

A child that is left orphaned has a difficult time ahead. An education will give them a real head start.

2 Alan { 05.18.10 at 23:14 }

How can anyone allow any of these poor orphan children be left with nothing to look forward to in life. Every child in life deserves something how can you not support a child that has no-one.
I have this thing in my body called a heart and I cannot see any child suffer when its not their fault . To have lost both your parents before you are even of school age must be horrendous and I will continue my support until this child can try and help themselves that is when they are old enough and have been given their chance in education.They then have a chance in society to show that they are capable of being a teacher, a doctor or a governemnt official or even the next President of the Gambia.
I am sure there are 100’s of you who cannot see a child suffer. Join me and support an orphan child.

3 Abukar Omar { 01.24.12 at 18:13 }

Dear Alan,

I beg my Allah to succeed you the best work you have and everyone do the same like you.

If children are not provided all basic needs in life that means there is no any humanity.

Humanity is must to all.

Thanks for your good deeds in life.

Abukar Omar

4 christine house { 10.16.12 at 10:02 }

Hi i met a group of orphans in Sukuta whilst on holiday and have since benn going to gambia carrying toys and clothes for them , also built a chicken run and supplied chickens . So far I am alone and my help is limited as am a pensioner and not well off but go to gambianow twice a year to visit the kids. I am arriving on 2nd november for 3 weeks , can you meet me and show me around and maybe we can join forces in some way . Regards Christine House

5 stephanie & alan { 10.28.12 at 19:18 }

Hi Christine
You are doing a marvellous thing for the children in Sukuta. We would have loved to have met you but unfortunately we dont travel to the Gambia until 12th Dec. But please email us and we will see how we can help each other. Regards Stephanie & Alan

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