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Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Gains AFRIFAMU award

The Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation was recently honored in February 2020 with a Community Achievement Award for its resilience in education development and healthcare development in The Gambia. At a ceremony held a fortnight ago at the World’s entertainment capital, the CEO of the Foundation, Foday Singhateh was on hand to receive the award. AFRIFAMU, the Organization that presented the award emphasized the achievements made by the Foundation in so short a period since its inception.
The Foundation named for Foday’s Father, Sir Farimang Singhateh, the first Gambian Governor General has been a vibrant contributor in many areas of national development. Among the many things done thus far are the provision of medical equipment to three hospitals in The Gambia, replacing the basketball goal posts at Saints with standardized NBA fiber glass goal posts, a State of the art bakery to provide bread at reasonable and affordable prices, and recently just kicked off a Library project in Janjabureh. Quizzed on where he got this drive to give back, Foday could not have said it better than,” I may not have known my Dad too well, but my Mother, the graceful Lady Fanta has taught us that our Dad’s preoccupation was Public Service and Philanthropy and I believe to effectively preserve and honor his legacy we must set out to do what he did.”
The Foundation has not held back, they are on a productive offensive and its safe to say, by the time they are done; they surely would have finished the work started by Sir Farimang and hopefully it takes them thru Tambacounda and Basse, two places Sir Farimang Singhateh tended to via Healthcare and Kindness.
In a nutshell, Foday Singhateh has set out to fulfill the uncompleted work of Sir Farimang Singhateh a Man revered for his Humanitarian work and philanthropy. With the support of The Gambia’s first First Lady. Agi Fanta Singhateh known to all she crossed paths with as Agi Basse, Foday together with his siblings have set out on a mission of giving and caring. This mission is certainly not unfamiliar territory for they were born into it.
Karmic Angels wholeheartedly congratulate them and support them in all their project activity and our continued collaboration is beginning to pay dividends.

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Support a Child To Give Them A Chance Of Education in 2020/2021

For just £5 a month now is your chance to support one of our orphan/street/less fortunate children. For this £5 this pay for their education for a full year (ages 3-7). Also if you Gift Aid your donation (provided you are a UK tax payer) then every £10 we receive from you will increase to £12.50 thanks to HMRC refunding the tax you paid to us. If you can give £8 a month this will also pay for their school lunch and their school books.
You can donate online through GoFundMe The Big Give
These little children cant help themselves unless we help them first. This will get them on the education ladder and as they grow up into young adults they will be educated and then their children will also be educated. This in turn will reduce HIV/Aids dramatically and reduce the problem of young children becoming street children and then having the chance of that child taken away into the sex trade. It will also greatly make a difference to the Gambia as a nation as a whole.

Just £5 a month can make such a


 Here are some of the children that really need your help in return for your continued donation you will be sent a picture of the child you support, together with quarterly updates of the childs progress and a letter or picture from the child to their sponsor. Once these have their sponsors then there will be more added. We have as at 20th February 2020 Twelve orphans/street children/less fortunate sponsored out of the 32. Therefore we need your help to sponsor the other 20. Please just something from your heart to give them a chance.  That’s less than 17p a day


Sponsored by Fatou Jeng – Rabiyetou Jammeh age 6 a less fortunate girl from Kotu Quarry.

Sponsored by Sarah Dunne – Binta Badgie age 6 an orphan girl from Sinchu.

Sponsored by John Wallis – Baboucarr Camara age 4 a less fortunate boy from Latrikunda Sabiji.

Sponsored by The Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Abdoulie Jarju age 6 a less fortunate from Brikama Kabafita

Sponsored By Stephen Morrison

Fatou Choi Orphan Age 6

Sponsored by Derek Ward

Adama Sonko Orphan Age 6

Sponsored by Steve James

Ida Marie Gomez Orphan Age 6

 Sponsored by Derek Ward

Sirreh Sanyang Orphan Age 6

Lamin Tawiber Orphan Age 6

Therese Mendy Orphan Age 7

 Sponsored by John Waldren

Mariama Marong Orphan Age 7

Haddy Sillah Orphan Age 7

Sponsored by Jane Willow

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