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Karmic Angels & Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Continue Feeding The Poor & Needy

Carrying on from the 20 push ups challenge where Karmic Angels and Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation have distributed 100 bags of rice to the poor and needy from the West Coast region to Janjanbureh (formerly Macarthy Island) the 2 charities have been distributing free quality bread (thanks to Lady Fanta’s Bakery, Sukuta) to many villages throughout the Gambia throughout Ramadan.

The situation regarding feeding is very desperate due to Covid 19 with many people not having any income at all. Thanks to many donations from the diaspora USA, UK, Sweden and The Gambia we have now completed 7 distributions to date with 4 more to take place until the end of Ramadan. To date around 250 dozen (3000) breads and by the end of Ramadan will total approx. 370 dozen (4440) breads to hungry people.

We have had TV coverage via Star TV, Paradise TV and QTV plus articles in the press covering all our distributions of rice and bread.

We would love to continue supporting even further into the year, but we need your support to do that. At the bottom of the right hand column on our website we have a PayPal subscribe link where you can “FEED THE POOR AND NEEDY IN THE GAMBIA” for as little as £2 a month. Please see what you can do to support the work of both charities. Thank you in advance

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Karmic Angels & Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Donate Rice To Orphanages in the Gambia Through The Push Ups Challenge

Today 13th April across the Gambia Karmic Angels and Sir Farimang Singhateh team travelled to 2 orphanages, a kaffo garden and the Catholic Mission Church in Banjul to distribute bags of rice to the poor and needy during Covid 19. These are all from donations for the recent 20 push ups challenge set up by Foday Mubaraka Singhateh CEO of Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation.

Bags of rice were donated to Wulinkama Orphanage, Matilda Orphanage, The Fandeman kaffo garden in Old Jeshwang as well as the church. To date over 80 bags of rice have been donated and distributed by the two charities. Thanks to all the donations in the diaspora amounting to over 100,000 dalasi (£1700) the feeding goes on.

In order for us to continue making more donations to help feed the poor and needy you can donate what you can at and give as little as £1 to help us buy more rice. Just go to any of our links that you wish to donate via Paypal, Total Giving, GoFundMe, GiveAsYouLive. Thank you in advance in helping those who have nothing.

If you want to post a video online of you or someone doing the 20 push ups challenge in return for donating a bag of rice or £20 we would love to see you. Please send your videos to thank you.

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Support a Child To Give Them A Chance Of Education in 2020/2021

For just £5 a month now is your chance to support one of our orphan/street/less fortunate children. For this £5 this pay for their education for a full year (ages 3-7). Also if you Gift Aid your donation (provided you are a UK tax payer) then every £10 we receive from you will increase to £12.50 thanks to HMRC refunding the tax you paid to us. If you can give £8 a month this will also pay for their school lunch and their school books.
You can donate online through GoFundMe The Big Give
These little children cant help themselves unless we help them first. This will get them on the education ladder and as they grow up into young adults they will be educated and then their children will also be educated. This in turn will reduce HIV/Aids dramatically and reduce the problem of young children becoming street children and then having the chance of that child taken away into the sex trade. It will also greatly make a difference to the Gambia as a nation as a whole.

Just £5 a month can make such a


 Here are some of the children that really need your help in return for your continued donation you will be sent a picture of the child you support, together with quarterly updates of the childs progress and a letter or picture from the child to their sponsor. Once these have their sponsors then there will be more added. We have as at 20th February 2020 Twelve orphans/street children/less fortunate sponsored out of the 32. Therefore we need your help to sponsor the other 20. Please just something from your heart to give them a chance.  That’s less than 17p a day


Sponsored by Fatou Jeng – Rabiyetou Jammeh age 6 a less fortunate girl from Kotu Quarry.

Sponsored by Sarah Dunne – Binta Badgie age 6 an orphan girl from Sinchu.

Sponsored by John Wallis – Baboucarr Camara age 4 a less fortunate boy from Latrikunda Sabiji.

Sponsored by The Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Abdoulie Jarju age 6 a less fortunate from Brikama Kabafita

Sponsored By Stephen Morrison

Fatou Choi Orphan Age 6

Sponsored by Derek Ward

Adama Sonko Orphan Age 6

Sponsored by Steve James

Ida Marie Gomez Orphan Age 6

 Sponsored by Derek Ward

Sirreh Sanyang Orphan Age 6

Lamin Tawiber Orphan Age 6

Therese Mendy Orphan Age 7

 Sponsored by John Waldren

Mariama Marong Orphan Age 7

Haddy Sillah Orphan Age 7

Sponsored by Jane Willow

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2nd International Peace Festival, Farato, The Gambia 25/26/27 November 2016

2nd Farato International Peace Festival Poster

The 2nd International Peace Festival a joint venture between Karmic Angels and The House of Action took place over 3 days Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November. Unfortunately the football final was suspended until 11th January due to the unrest and elections there. This year’s festival started with an afternoon of Gambian cultural acts on the Friday followed by our Gambian Ambassador Jaliba Kuyateh and the Kumareh Band. On the Saturday started with Cultural fashion shows. The main festival commenced around 6.00pm with all the groups and artistes performing on the Saturday and on the Sunday more cultural dancing plus the final of a local football tournament. This was a much bigger event than last year as it was only held on 1 day in 2015.

What's happening at the festival

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New Project for Sumakunda In The Pipeline

All KA Members & VDC United To The "YES WE WILL" Project

Together Everyone Acheives More T.E.A.M.

On Sunday 27th January 2013 the day after inaugurating “Angels Sittanunku Nursery School” on the North Bank, Karmic Angels team members travelled to the small village of Sumakunda some 40 miles from its base to discuss with the VDC and its chairman the possibilities of Karmic Angels 5th school project since its inception in 2008.

This is going to be called the “YES WE WILL” project as all VDC members have pledged to do everything possible once we have the funding to complete this project with volunteers from the youths and the men promising that “Yes We Will” not just yes we can. The village does not have any schools and is severely under developed. It has a small clinic (which we donated medical needs to whilst we were there) but this is only attended by the district nurse once a week. They have also built their own church. We held our meeting under the canopy of the church.

Our 1st proposal is to build a 3 classroom nursery school block together with teacher’s office and store and include with this a toilet block for the children and teachers. This would also include all the school furniture and all the stationary required to make this a school to be proud of. Costs of all this are in the region of £11500 now and would be based on the same idea of construction that took place in Sittanunku. The school will be called “Angels Sumakunda Nursery School”.

During discussions the VDC gave Karmic Angels the plans and budget, together with the legal documentation of the transfer of a piece of land to the community 100metres by 50 metres for the development of the new school.

The VDC Chairman Bernard Gomez said “This is a great day for the village of Sumakunda and thanks to Karmic Angels we will be seeing the first ever school in our village in due course”.

Speaking on behalf of Karmic Angels Stephanie Turner the founding director stated “This will be one of the best developments in this area. You have the University of the Gambia just 5 miles away and if at all possible we would wish to bring education to the village right up to the older students so that they can take advantage of the University Facilities once they are 18. This will take place over some years of course unless we have a very generous benefactor who comes to our aid”

The day ended with a walk through the dried up beds of the mangroves through to the River Gambia (Balong from the Roots series) and then onto a plantation in the village which helped support some of the villagers who worked there.

Now we need that support so much now to help develop this village so anyone out there that can supply national curriculum books for ages 3 to 7 and donors who wish to make a difference can contact us. Just go to our contact page and tell us what you can do to help. Thank you.

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Our December 2011 Trip To The Gambia Just About Luggage

Loading up the 63 baggages and boxes over 1200kg for the Gambia

Well our last trip to the Gambia proved to be a very exhausting exercise.

Firstly before travelling we had been collecting donations and reduced price items to take to the Gambia since our return in April 2011.Little did we know that the generosity of people was going to be so great. Our lounge for 3 months prior to the trip looked more like a warehouse than a room!

Our house prior to going to the Gambia

Checking in to Manchester Airport with 4 large cages and 7 trollies looked more like a train fully laden with goods. It took 2 hours to check in and then we knew we had it all to do in the Gambia when we arrived. Thanks to Thomas Cook and their staff for every help they gave us.

Arriving in Africa well you can imagine trolley boys thought they were going to have a field day well they were mistaken as we were given so much help as we are now an NGO. We needed it for sure! Then they wanted to keep everything but once we confirmed all our signed papers then the problem no longer existed (thanks to Stephanie).

Then there was the loading but again the guys and some of  our Karmic Angels Gambian members made ease of  everything. On arrival at our accomodation everything had to be wheelbarrowed or carried 60 metres and finally it was all stacked in our room. Day 1 over with then a little relax then off to bed.

Such a long day 1200kgs plus of luggage finally sorted now there was the distribution. That’s another story.

But to everyone who donated clothes, books, toys, football kits and boots thank you so much you really dont know how many children and adults you have made so happy.

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Karmic Angels at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 20th August & Mela Festival Leith 2/4th Sept.

On Saturday 20th August 2011, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, John Lilburn, our Trustee and Strategy Development/Fundraising Coordinator, gave a presentation talk that included video and slides (kindly mixed by Simon Messer of ).  Simon also filmed the presentation on the day, which was about the Gambia’s crucial need for support plus the work Karmic Angels has done and are proposing to do during 2011/12. This was a very important presentation, which lasted for about an hour. We aim to show this film presentation in The Gambia, courtesy of GRTS (Gambian Radio and Television Services), which will help promote awareness about our work there and generate influential support. We also aim to distribute the film for viewing to the UK schools that have expressed an interest to us about twinning with our Gambian schools in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games (this relates to an initiative called ‘Worldclass’, set up by the BBC).  After the presentation, John mingled & chatted, and encouraged people to buy our Gambian items for sale at the venue.  To view the poster, please click on the link below.

Click Here For Edinburgh Presentation For Karmic Angels

The Mela Festival took place over 3 days in Leith (2nd to 4th September 2011) and we had a stall where visitors were  able to sponsor an orphan, buy Gambian items (jewellery, zodiac cards etc) and also have a chance to win a Fiat 500 Super Mini worth nearly £10000 in our fantastic car draw (sponsored by Zurich Insurance through the FSI). John and his friend Reg and Simon helped out over the 2 days  to help raise awareness and very much needed funds for our work in the Gambia. 






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Karmic Angels on GRTS (Gambia Radio Television Services) plus our schools

One of our documentaries in the Gambia this one relates to the school build in Brikama Medina which is due for completion by October 2010. The video was taken off the TV so its a bit flickery but you can still see our goals for the future.

The next 2 videos are of  our children at Busumbala having fun and dancing outside their new classrooms. 

The next is Stephanie dancing with them

This is our school children in Farato which will be our next school build.

Lastly see what it means to get a pen pencil or a tiny notebook to these children it is everything. This was our 2nd project at Abubacarr-As-Siddiq where we reconstructed 3 classrooms.

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