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3rd International Peace Festival 23/24 February 2018

Due to clashes with a number of other events the 3rd International Peace Festival took place on the last weekend in February. As from now on the event will be on the last weekend in February which means that the 4th festival will be in February 2019.

The 3rd peace festival was for the first time a profitable success. Not a big profit but at least no losses. It means that we have a starting fund for the 4th peace festival the funds of which are being held by the organising committee in Farato.

Over 10000 people attended the 3rd festival which is major when you consider only 600 appeared at the 1st. Everyone that was there enjoyed the entertainment over the 2 days and we send all our appreciation to our Karmic Angels team , the village of Farato, The womens groups in Farato, House of Action members, the artistes and everyone else who helped make this a success.

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Karmic Angels Presents £25,000 Of Medical Equipment To Ming Daw Clinic


Just 5 days after the 1st ever International Peace Festival in Farato, Karmic Angels and their Gambian team made a huge presentation of 4 brand new hospital trolley beds (the 1st of its kind in the Gambia), a large stainless steel medicine cabinet and chairs for the Ming Daw Clinic in Farato. These were presented to the Alkalo of Farato Fatou Sowe and the Doctor at the clinic Kebba Kinteh and his staff.

They had in fact been using one of the beds to deliver babies in the village clinic for over a month and had delivered 67 babies on this bed. The first time this clinic was able to help the pregnant women in comfort.


Many thanks must go to Hospital Metalcraft of Blandford for their kind donations and also to Bubacarr of Money Pipe Shipping for making sure the shipping from UK to Gambia was safely carried out.


This is not the 1st time that Karmic Angels has helped Ming Daw Clinic so far medical donations to them has been in excess of £45,000 and we will continue to help the people of Farato in making medical supplies easier for them in the future. Another bonus for the people of Farato is that since the festival took place they have had continuous electricity in the whole village and the income and businesses are reporting a huge increase in turnover and working hours as there is more demand for their services. A BIG BIG plus.

Since the inception of the charity in placing water pumps, taps, building schools, supporting the health sector, supporting football academies and generally helping 1000s of Gambians the total value of all its donations and funding amounts to 16,191,000 dalasi equivalent to £269,850 and we believe that this is the largest amount of value that any charity has placed in the Gambia.

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The 1st Farato International Peace Festival In The Gambia


The 1st ever International Peace Festival in Africa took place in the smallest African nation of The Gambia on 28/29th November 2015 at Farato Mini Stadium. The event was officially opened by members of Karmic Angels and House of Action who joined hands to make this a successful festival.

A crowd of over 1500 people attended (which would have been more due to circumstances beyond our control) to watch some of Gambia’s top artistes perform all for charity and peace. Included in the stars that performed were Jaliba Kuyateh and his band, Max Miral, The Holy Family Band, Baba Blood, Article Slice, T Smallz, Sky Walker and many more. All appeared for expenses only for which we would like to thank them so much.


At the festival a number of certificates were presented including the surprise one to Jaliba Kuyateh who accepted his certificate graciously on becoming Karmic Angels Ambassador in The Gambia. This even brought the big man to tears.


Please view our YouTube video at for further evidence. The plans are to hold the 2nd Farato International Peace Festival on Saturday 26th November 2016 which will surely attract 1000s more to attend. Just to cap it all the festival went off peacefully as everybody respected what it was all about. Make sure you make a note of the date because we would hate for you to miss an even bigger, even better festival in 2016.

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New Project for Sumakunda In The Pipeline

All KA Members & VDC United To The "YES WE WILL" Project

Together Everyone Acheives More T.E.A.M.

On Sunday 27th January 2013 the day after inaugurating “Angels Sittanunku Nursery School” on the North Bank, Karmic Angels team members travelled to the small village of Sumakunda some 40 miles from its base to discuss with the VDC and its chairman the possibilities of Karmic Angels 5th school project since its inception in 2008.

This is going to be called the “YES WE WILL” project as all VDC members have pledged to do everything possible once we have the funding to complete this project with volunteers from the youths and the men promising that “Yes We Will” not just yes we can. The village does not have any schools and is severely under developed. It has a small clinic (which we donated medical needs to whilst we were there) but this is only attended by the district nurse once a week. They have also built their own church. We held our meeting under the canopy of the church.

Our 1st proposal is to build a 3 classroom nursery school block together with teacher’s office and store and include with this a toilet block for the children and teachers. This would also include all the school furniture and all the stationary required to make this a school to be proud of. Costs of all this are in the region of £11500 now and would be based on the same idea of construction that took place in Sittanunku. The school will be called “Angels Sumakunda Nursery School”.

During discussions the VDC gave Karmic Angels the plans and budget, together with the legal documentation of the transfer of a piece of land to the community 100metres by 50 metres for the development of the new school.

The VDC Chairman Bernard Gomez said “This is a great day for the village of Sumakunda and thanks to Karmic Angels we will be seeing the first ever school in our village in due course”.

Speaking on behalf of Karmic Angels Stephanie Turner the founding director stated “This will be one of the best developments in this area. You have the University of the Gambia just 5 miles away and if at all possible we would wish to bring education to the village right up to the older students so that they can take advantage of the University Facilities once they are 18. This will take place over some years of course unless we have a very generous benefactor who comes to our aid”

The day ended with a walk through the dried up beds of the mangroves through to the River Gambia (Balong from the Roots series) and then onto a plantation in the village which helped support some of the villagers who worked there.

Now we need that support so much now to help develop this village so anyone out there that can supply national curriculum books for ages 3 to 7 and donors who wish to make a difference can contact us. Just go to our contact page and tell us what you can do to help. Thank you.

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Karmic Angels Annual Report 2010/11

by Stephanie Turner

We are so pleased to have our 1st annual report. which has taken 6 months to compile.

To view a copy of this magnificent report (please reduce the size  of the print to around 65% to view page by page and click on the scroll to show report) click here Karmic Angels Annual Report 2010/11 and read what a small charity has done in such a short time and what it proposes to do during 2011/12 in the Gambia.

Please leave your comments/blog we need your input. This will really help with our search engine listings and make more and more people aware of the hard work we are all doing both here in the UK and also our members in the Gambia. Thank you.

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