Making a difference in the Gambia
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Please Donate Your Old Ink Cartridges To Us

We all know that some of us don’t recycle our old ink cartridges. Now is your chance to do this and raise funds for your empty cartridges instead of putting them in the bin. If these go to the landfill sites it takes 400 years for a cartridge to evaporate. Just imagine the amount of cartridges that are sent to landfill each year. Its in excess of 5 million!

If Karmic Angels had just 1% of those that would be 50,000! With Recycle For Charity this would raise a fantastic £50,000! That would build at least 4 schools in the Gambia and educate over 600 young children!.All for free!

Now you can make a difference by using this link
Recycle your used ink cartridges and help us raise money!Visit »

Everything is free including the postage and the envelopes for you to send your ink cartridges for the benefit of our charity. Please check the list to ensure that the cartridges you supply will be acceptable. Just use it when you have some old cartridges maybe even some from work if they dont recycle them – just ask the boss! But if you are the boss then no problem. Please do your little bit to make such a difference without costing you a penny. Thank you in advance for your most welcome help.