Making a difference in the Gambia
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Making a Difference

Invest in the children of the future

But they can still smile

UK Charity Reg. No. 1130347
International Reg. Charity in the Gambia No. 496/2008


Karmic Angels, 24 Grayling Drive, Croxteth Country Park, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK L12 0AT. Tel/Fax 0151 5487797.
In England: Stephanie Turner 07872 965216, Alan Turner 07932 665192.
In The Gambia: Kawsu Barrow – Chairman +220 3141037 Saikou Sohna – Director +220 9991038
Invest in "Make A Gambian Child Smile"

Invest in “Make A Gambian Child Smile”

We believe that the earth has sufficient resources for all if managed sustainably but the way that these resources are shared is inequitable and damaging to human welfare and life in general. We therefore see it as our responsibility to match resources and need by working with rural communities in The Gambia to overcome poverty and suffering. Our longer term goal is to safeguard the future self sufficiency and sustainability of the localities in which we work.

Stephanie & Alan Founding Director & Chairman Of Karmic Angels

Hello, this is Stephanie and Alan, the founding members of Karmic Angels. We, our co. trustees, committee members and volunteers who run our charity Karmic Angels UK in conjunction with our sister charity Karmic Angels in the Gambia, on the west coast of Africa. The aim is to establish and support projects providing relief, aid and development for the people of Gambia.
This is one of the poorest countries in the world, with high high rates of infant and maternal mortality, disease and starvation. These are all largely due to a lack of basic resources such as safe drinking water, medical clinics, agricultural and educational facilities. It has been our vision for many years to try and make a difference there. Now, with Karmic Angels, this is happening! A visit to The Gambia, other than just to lie on its tiny coastal sliver of beautiful beaches separate from the main population and bush interior, would quickly show the visitor the value and importance of our work. A read of our Annual Report describes the realities in detail (see ‘Karmic Angels Annual Report 2010-2011’ in the ‘Recent Posts’ list on the right of the page).
Our work has led to ongoing contact and discussions with the Gambian government and they have applauded and endorsed the work of Karmic Angels. The role of Karmic Angels includes building schools and community projects, relieving sickness and poverty by providing safe running water, equipment and financial assistance to the Gambian people in bush villages, clinics and schools and facilitating automony and self determination . We recognise the need to integrate health programs and education with national development so we also aim to create educational initiatives for the young, from nursery to senior school level. As well as this we aim to help provide educational and vocational opportunities for adults, with a specific additional focus on women who, in the past, have often found it hard to have a voice.
Through these initiatives, we aim to help improve the overall quality of life for village communities by improving health and facilitating viable and sustainable socio-economic activities through support, training and skills that will lead to self reliance and autonomy and a more positive outlook on life’s prospects in general.
Since 2015 our charity has implemented the 1st of its kind. This is The International Peace Festival which is being held in the community of Farato. The idea is of course for peace and is indicative of bringing 1000s of people together to bring this to fruition. Any benefits received from this are to go towards any Karmic Angels and Farato Ming Daw clinic development projects.
Happy to go to school "Invest in a Gambian Child

Happy to go to school “Invest in a Gambian Child”