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Posts from — April 2011

Brikama Medina School Completed

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Pictures of the new school taken in September 2010

Well here it is our 3rd school build nearing completion. It is expected that the village of Medina will have the roof trusses on by the end of  November 2010 and this will provide 2 brand new classrooms for 90 children including 24 orphan children to have a proper education in their great new classrooms. Also included in this build will be a teacher’s office where all the books and stationery can be kept which we will be taking to the Gambia in December for this school.

Completion of the school took place in December 2010 and we took a convoy of vehicles together with the school furniture there and were greeted by over 1000 men women and children. Special guests ttending were Ebrima O Camara the  then Secretary of The Cabinet at the State House Alkalo for the Kombo Western Region and the Area Seifo. More pictures will follow of this fabulous day.

One person in particular has made this school possible his name is Omar Ceesay we are so proud of him. He is just a young man with no experience but with a desire to do the very best for his village. Well done Omar! This is just the 1st phase of our work here and in December all the school furniture will be installed and the children wont have to sit on the sandy floor ever again they will have their benches and seats for ever. The December inauguration will be a special day. Now all we need is the support of the orphan children attending this school any donations will be really appreciated. Remember just £3 a month will pay for educating an orphan for a whole month that’s less than 10p a day!  Just a little will help so much.

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