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Posts from — February 2012

Our December 2011 Trip To The Gambia Just About Luggage

Loading up the 63 baggages and boxes over 1200kg for the Gambia

Well our last trip to the Gambia proved to be a very exhausting exercise.

Firstly before travelling we had been collecting donations and reduced price items to take to the Gambia since our return in April 2011.Little did we know that the generosity of people was going to be so great. Our lounge for 3 months prior to the trip looked more like a warehouse than a room!

Our house prior to going to the Gambia

Checking in to Manchester Airport with 4 large cages and 7 trollies looked more like a train fully laden with goods. It took 2 hours to check in and then we knew we had it all to do in the Gambia when we arrived. Thanks to Thomas Cook and their staff for every help they gave us.

Arriving in Africa well you can imagine trolley boys thought they were going to have a field day well they were mistaken as we were given so much help as we are now an NGO. We needed it for sure! Then they wanted to keep everything but once we confirmed all our signed papers then the problem no longer existed (thanks to Stephanie).

Then there was the loading but again the guys and some of  our Karmic Angels Gambian members made ease of  everything. On arrival at our accomodation everything had to be wheelbarrowed or carried 60 metres and finally it was all stacked in our room. Day 1 over with then a little relax then off to bed.

Such a long day 1200kgs plus of luggage finally sorted now there was the distribution. That’s another story.

But to everyone who donated clothes, books, toys, football kits and boots thank you so much you really dont know how many children and adults you have made so happy.

February 7, 2012   2 Comments