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Posts from — April 2020

Karmic Angels & Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation Donate Rice To Orphanages in the Gambia Through The Push Ups Challenge

Today 13th April across the Gambia Karmic Angels and Sir Farimang Singhateh team travelled to 2 orphanages, a kaffo garden and the Catholic Mission Church in Banjul to distribute bags of rice to the poor and needy during Covid 19. These are all from donations for the recent 20 push ups challenge set up by Foday Mubaraka Singhateh CEO of Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation.

Bags of rice were donated to Wulinkama Orphanage, Matilda Orphanage, The Fandeman kaffo garden in Old Jeshwang as well as the church. To date over 80 bags of rice have been donated and distributed by the two charities. Thanks to all the donations in the diaspora amounting to over 100,000 dalasi (£1700) the feeding goes on.

In order for us to continue making more donations to help feed the poor and needy you can donate what you can at and give as little as £1 to help us buy more rice. Just go to any of our links that you wish to donate via Paypal, Total Giving, GoFundMe, GiveAsYouLive. Thank you in advance in helping those who have nothing.

If you want to post a video online of you or someone doing the 20 push ups challenge in return for donating a bag of rice or £20 we would love to see you. Please send your videos to thank you.

April 15, 2020   8 Comments