Making a difference in the Gambia
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Brikama Medina

Unbelievable, but we were the first white people to visit their village for 40 years. The need here is great as they have no school at all for their primary children. There are over 180 children without a chance of education. Our aims are for the community to help build a 3 classroom complex, head teacher’s office and 2 toilets. Also, we aim to install a proper drinking water supply for the school and village. This will provide drinking water for everyone. The single well they have at present is only suitable for washing, therefore water has to be collected in buckets from 2/3 kms away in Brikama, a long walk  for children and adults alike in the searing heat. There is no electricity in the village so solar panels are a must. It is hoped to complete this project by 2012. The classrooms, office and toilets, costing in the region of £15,000 will be the first stage, followed by water/electricity by 2011/2012.

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1 Isatou Camara { 05.17.10 at 07:01 }

I have seen with my own eyes the daily challenges that the peoples of the Gambia have to face. This is a well worth while project and will help to inprove the lives of the chidren and the local community.

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