Making a difference in the Gambia
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Aji Rohey Sowe just 3 years old

Omar Jallow just 4 years old

You can donate to sponsor an orphan child – just £4 a month will pay for all an orphans needs for a month including the childs education. Thats just over 13p a day! That wont buy an apple but will do so much for an orphan. We have now 86 orphans that need support otherwise they will just become street children and maybe even taken by the sex trade. Please just a little can make such a difference. Compare what you would pay to sponsor a child with a large profit making charity this would be at least 15 pounds more than what we are asking. Go on do your good deed for 2012!


On average a teachers pay is £35.00 per month, we are looking for people to sponsor a teachers wage for one month. This amount divided over 12 months is equivalent to  £2.92 per month or 74p per week. Less than the cost of a bag of sugar!! Ask us for details!


Please note we are a totally non profit charity and every single penny you donate goes to support – no salaries as we are all volunteers!

You can pay by cheque made payable to Karmic Angels UK and addressed to Karmic Angels UK, 24 Grayling Drive,  Liverpool, Merseyside L12 0AT or by using any of the secure donate buttons on the right hand side. Everyclick, The Big Give or Paypal.

By Direct Debit – Contact us either by email or telephone and we will send you a direct debit mandate or pay through paypal subscription button on the right hand side securely and safely.

Or Just Contact Us – Tell us how you can help

UK Charity Registration No. 1130347 , International Charitable No in the Gambia 496/2008 Non Governmental Organisation NGO A20